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About Stetten Realty, Inc.

Stetten Realty Inc. – Buy it. Sell it. Build it.

Full-service real estate brokerage and general contracting services.
We focus on getting our demanding customers exactly what they want.
We can help with any property related need.
Call today to speak with a local expert about your your current or future property. (919)413-2326

We use to manage customer expectations,
sub-contractors and various projects.
Working with Highly Professional Subcontractors
is a cornerstone of our business.
We do not offer any “Search For Listings Here” functionality.
There will always be a better website or application for that.


Home Buying (2.5% Commission)

Home Selling (6% Commission includes 2.5% to 3% for Buyer’s Agent)

Tenant Procurement & Property Management (8.33% and up for both services combined)

Tenant Agency (For Commercial Property Only)

Home Building (Cost plus 15%-30%)

Remodeling and Additions (Cost plus 15-30%)

Design Consulting (Initial Consultation/Preliminary Plan-Review $600)

Building Science Services & Trouble-Shooting (Initial Consultation/3-Page Report $300)

Getting to know our amazing staff.

Adam Stetten moved to Raleigh in 2001 and got started in real-estate and green building in 2005. Over the years Adam has become an expert on Residential Durability, Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality. Each building is a complex system of intertwined parts. Achieving “High-Performance” is a difficult and extremely important. Adam and his network of pros can get you what you want and need.

Patrick Reilly specializes in large commercial “Adaptive Re-Use” projects. From demolition to ownership and leasing. Patrick has dealt with it all. Visit this link:¬† for a better idea of the lucrative commercial investment projects Patrick can develop. These projects take place all over the East Coast and can be a good way to earn tax-credits for those who have a large tax liability at the end of each year. Patrick also knows Raleigh as good as anyone and can assist our Residential Brokers with market analysis, quality analysis, and showings when they are on vacation.

Sona Desai specializes in commercial property management and commercial tenant agency and has an amazing gift for interior design. Sona is our Downtown Raleigh Expert and is familiar with all the amazing opportunities on NCSU’s Centennial Campus.

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