How to use PDFescape

By adam
12/22/2011   Leave a comment

First of all, why would anyone use PDFescape? To avoid the hassle and cost of PDF software.

PDF escape is free*, easy and requires no registration! PDF escape allows one to drop pre-made signature and initial images directly onto forms. You can add text, white-out, cross out, date, draw rectangles, make check-marks, arrows, sticky notes, add and delete pages, create new PDF’s, all in high-def color.

Adobe is expensive, and requires software, updates, time…

There are some limitations of PDF escape, but you can overcome most if not all of them by registering or paying by month/year. By registering and choosing a login, which is still free, your work can be saved, and may be retrievable, say if your browser crashes, so you don’t lose progress. You can also install a browser plug-in so you can open PDFs directly into PDFescape, maybe saving you a “saving step”. And, finally whether MAC or PC… it doesn’t matter. It is web-based!

Try PDF escape the next time you think about printing something to sign, date or fill it out.

good luck,


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