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The OAKS at BENTLEY RIDGE welcomes you!

Welcome to our lovely community. We have 72 residential units in 9 buildings. Please read this post for more information regarding the community. Call Adam at 919-413-2326 for more information.

“The Oaks” are two level buildings of which there are 3. One of the buildings is on the other side of Ed Drive than the remaining 8 buildings. Some of these units have 2 car garages, and some have bat-cave style garages where the cars pull in behind one another, some have uncovered porches, and the maintenance issues with these 2 story condo buildings are very different than the others. They are totally different than the other 6 buildings.








“The Courtyards” are 3 level buildings of which there are 6. These buildings are built with higher quality specs as they are constructed without vinyl siding or “3-tab” shingles. “The Courtyards” are brick, hardie-plank, and have 30 year roofs installed.

Due to the fact that there are different types of buildings sharing the same HOA there bookkeeping is a bit complicated. There are common area funds, and funds limited to the different types of buildings. There is a continual effort to make sure that the cost of maintaining “The Oaks” or “The Courtyard” aren’t squandering the reserve funds generated by the other set of homeowners who didn’t by into the other type of condos.

The fountains between these buildings are large and beautiful and operate about 9 months out of the year.






Four Lovely Fountains

Some of these newer units have incredibly low utility bills. This is due to advantageous shading for the units that face south, and being adjacent to other units.You’ll notice the generous over-hangs on these buildings. Some of the 3rd floor units have attic access and other do not. This is a weird thing, and is likely something over-looked by the building inspector.

Other Considerations:

Towards the end of the community’s “loop” the street gets substantially wider, and fewer cars tend to travel towards the end.

Due to firetruck access requirements the buildings along the north side of the loop have more area for pulling vehicles in and out of the garages.

birds eye from west

Depending on which unit you are in, you either face the courtyard or the street. The units that face the courtyards are substantially smaller given that a large portion of the courtyard side is devoted to the common stairs, which take up more spaces than the elevator shaft.

Certain buildings are larger than the others although the layouts remain roughly the same.

Some of the small units have different layouts in the master suite. You either walk through the bathroom to get to the closet, or walk through the closet to get to the bathroom. The consensus is that walking through the bathroom to get to the closet is better, as it requires only 1 closet door (instead of 4 bypass doors) and increases closet space substantially. Walking through the bathroom doesn’t have a space penalty and all the units have separate tub/shower.

Most of the 6 Courtyard Units have “storage rooms” on the ground floor. The 3rd floor units that face the street have very large 1 car garages that have a storage area within them, and do not have independent storage rooms.

This community is walking distance from just about everything you could need to be happy. Other than Cameron Village, North Hills, and Downtown, this is the “Most Walkable” neighborhood in Raleigh. Some people argue that is is actually more convenient to live here than anywhere else, with respect to walk-ability, because there is no Grocery Store downtown, and Cameron Village and North Hills are substantially more crowded and have higher variability for traffic and student traffic. The commercial areas near this community are compact so you can walk to various places easily and quickly.

HOA meetings take place every other month at 1900 Cameron Street (York Properties)


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