Creating Curb Appeal

By adam
03/28/2011   Comments Off on Creating Curb Appeal

Before we delve into this all important topic – Creating Outstanding Curb Appeal – please take a trip back in time to the moment you first laid eyes on your Triangle home you’re thinking about selling. What attracted you to this particular home? Were you impressed by the superior landscaping, the immaculately manicured lawn, the carefully trimmed shrubs? No doubt your first thoughts were WOW – this place is beautiful!

You Have a Split-Second To Impress a Buyer

Understand this, in today’s highly competitive Triangle area real estate market, it is critical you WOW potential home buyers the moment they pull up to your home. It makes no difference if the interior of your home resembles the lobby of a 5-Star hotel. Buyers make a snap decision on the appeal of your property the very moment they arrive in your driveway. So take a quick inventory and ask yourself, “Is my home ready to pass the curb appeal test?

  • Is the driveway spotless free of grease and oil stains?
  • Is your lawn lush and green free of weeds?
  • Are your flowerbeds maintained with fresh mulch?
  • Do you have blooming flowers providing a splash of color?
  • Are your gutters free of leaves and stains?
  • Does the exterior of your home sparkle from a recent powerwash job?
  • Is the entrance to your home properly staged to invite visitors?
  • Is the entrance free of clutter?
  • Do all the light fixtures work and does the home evoke a sense of security?

Low-Cost Solutions Pay Big Dividends!

Outside of properly pricing your home for the market, preparing your home for the market is probably one of the most important task you will undertake, so spare no expense. The small investment you make in these areas will yield a strong return on your investment.