Property Management Forms

By adam
05/01/2011   Comments Off on Property Management Forms

Property Management Agreement 2 – This agreement is between Stetten Realty Inc. and the Owner(s).

Rental Agreement – This agreement is between Stetten Realty Inc. and the Tenant(s).

Why does Stetten Realty strive to structure CLASS A rentals?

A “Class A” rental is a term usually used in commercial realty. The rent payment includes everything or many things other than access to the space.

This is a system that makes getting new tenants, and transitioning between tenants easier, while making it harder for tenants to justify terminating their lease or moving out. Tenants don’t have to transfer utilities into their name, and the owner can make even more money when the property is energy efficient.

Stetten Realty Inc. provides 24 Hour Emergency Service. As Licensed General Contractor we perform all repairs immediately and finance the repairs, even expensive repairs are covered be reduction of future rent payments. The owner simply collects money once they are in contract.

Our fee is 1/12th  (8.3%) of the initial lease term and 1/20th (5% ) of lease extensions and tenant hold-over rent.

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